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Deer Field Cabin, Moose Creek Lodge, & Lil' Minnow Cottage


Tanner, our golden retriever and greeter.

David & Heidi Lee

Our names are David and Heidi Lee, owners of Hidden Oaks Ranch-Cabin Getaways, or simply as we call it, "The Ranch".

Established in 2021, part of our property was just woods, and we wanted to share our property with others, thus developing Hidden Oaks Ranch-Cabin Getaways.

We cleared out some acreage to provide three cabins for those who wish to getaway, explore, relax and enjoy.

We'd love the opportunity to have you stay with us in our neck of the woods. 

Our head of security is Tanner, our golden retriever, who will meet & greet you. Tanner loves everyone, especially kids. So, just be aware that Tanner might come visit you during your stay. We also have a cat named, Peanut, but she's very shy so you may never see her.

Please note while we love animals, we cannot allow you to bring your pets. We want these cabins to remain squeaky clean for each and every visit.

The area is woods, expect the usual wildlife; Deer, wild turkeys, Canada geese, along with numerous birds and 

a few bugs. Expect awesome star filled nights, fresh air and alot of quiet.

Can't wait to meet you, so give us a call. 

CALL (660) 723-6400 For Availability & Reservations or book online. Each cabin has it's own link to book through Airbnb.

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