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There is plenty of parking for boats of all sizes, and if needed we can certainly get you hooked up to power to charge your batteries, no problem. Just let us know when making your reservation.



From the three sink fish cleaning station to the fish tales round table, this area is for fishermen & fisherwomen or just happy cabin campers wanting a place to mingle. The area offers plenty of room and lighting at night to carry on with you're favorite fish tales or other tales to tell for that matter.

The Custom made Ice Cooler, which was made by our niece and her husband will keep drinks cold as ice. Put your favorite brewskies, or your favorite beverages in the cooler, and for ol timers, this cooler is easy access since it is off the ground.


Our Ice machine, which has 8 lb. bags are just chilling and waiting to be purchased. 

The building adjacent to the fish cleaning station is the office and maintenance building.

Check in at the office. Loaded with the necessities to provide each cabin with electricity,

SOFT water, etc. We even have some items that you may have forgot to bring with you. Items we may have for you to purchase may include; toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, maybe some bug spray, koozies, and little items like that.


Yep, there are Charcoal BBQ Grills at the Deerfield Cabin & the Lil Minnow Cottage. 

*Please bring your own charcoal or charcoal can be purchased here as well. 

The Hideaway: has a Gas BBQ for those staying there. 

So, bring your favorite grilling meat and have at it. 

*BBQ utensils are provided in each cabin.

Each cabin has it's own fire pit with FREE firewood supplied by us to roast marshmallows, hotdogs or enjoy friendly drinks with others and just enjoy the night hanging out at the fire pit.

Our motto at the fire pit is: "Camp fires are cool, Bon fires are not". Since you are in the woods, flames that are too high may become out of control, which is something we do not want. So, when having a fire, just keep flames to a reasonable height. 

Ahhh..... who doesn't like games. From simple cards, to monopoly there are a couple of games inside each cabin. There is also available to check out; lighted corn hole, some little things like a football, paddleball, etc.  There is a little pint size picnic table for the little ones to go outside and color or do whatever. That's the great part about being here, do whatever within reason to have a great time.


Ok, so they aren't miles long, but our short easy trails are great to get up and stretch the muscles out for a few minutes. Our three trails are great to blow off steam with the little ones, or just to step out, get some fresh air and walk down to the creek. 

Once your here, you will hopefully notice trail signs to take you around to enjoy the woods, and the creek. You might even see deer, turkeys , hoot owls or Tanner, our golden retriever, joining you for a stroll. We have White Branch Trail, Fence Line and Bent Tree Trail. 


So, we hope that this helps broaden your sights as to what we have here for ya all, sure hope you can drop in and stay here a day or two. We think you'll just love the little campground just because it's little.  You can be more at ease to just explore, relax and enjoy. 

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